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Medication Assisted Treatment Program

Once patient contacts the clinic either in-person or by phone. They will be scheduled an appointment with a Physician for History & Physical appointment. If patient meets Opioid Use Disorder – Moderate to Severe Criteria, then treatment options will be discussed with the patient.

If Medication Assisted Treatment is the right choice for the patient, then either Naltrexone/Vivitrol Program or Suboxone Treatment Program will be offered to the patient.

Patient will be expected to participate in an Intensive Outpatient/Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Program during the course of the Medication Assisted Treatment.

If IM Naltrexone (Vivitrol) is selected, Paper work will be completed and submitted to insurance and once approved will be faxed to pharmacy. Once medication is received by the clinic, patient will have to abstain from any opioid including buprenorphine for 7-10 days. A urine drug screen will be performed on the day of injection and if negative for opioids, IM Naltrexone will be given to patient. Patient will then follow-up every 28 days for Vivitrol injections

Suboxone treatment Program consists of the following components.

  1. Suboxone Induction

    The purpose of the induction is to determine the appropriate dose of Suboxone.

    Induction will be conducted over two days, and patient will be expected to make appropriate arrangements as will be at clinic for 2-4 hours each day.

    Patient needs to be in moderate to severe withdrawal on the day of the appointment, and last use cannot be less than 18-24 Hours.

    What to Expect on the day of the Induction?

    An Induction Suboxone prescription will be faxed to the appointed pharmacy, and will be available for patient to pickup on the day of Induction.

    Once patient receives the medication he/she will bring it to the clinic. Patient should not take medication unless told by physician/medical assistant, even if undergoing severe withdrawal.

    Patient will the be checked in at reception and taken to an Induction room.

    Once patient is in the Induction room, he/she will be evaluated on a withdraw scale every 30 minutes. And will be given appropriate dose of Suboxone. A chemical dependency assessment will also be conducted and patient will be placed on appropriate level of outpatient treatment.

    What to Bring with you on the day of the Induction?

    Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a small blanket, reading material, Gatorade/electrolyte drink, energy bars. IPad/Tablet.

  2. Suboxone Maintenance

    Patient will initially be followed up once a week and once stable to every other week visits.