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RN-Nurse Care Manager

Job description

Reports to Location
Office Manager Varies in Pierce County
FSLA Schedule
Non-Exempt/Hourly Full Time Varies between the hours of 7a-7p
Will depend on experience
Nurse Care Manager

Ten nurse care managers (NCM)have been placed throughout the State to enhance patient access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

The NCMs are embedded within existing medical practices, jails, and Opiate Treatment Programs.

The role of the NCM is to provide coordinated care and reduce barriers for both patients and practitioners to improve the overall health of patients seeking care for OUD with MAT using either Buprenorphine, methadone or Vivitrol/naltrexone.

Education Requirements 

Must possess a nursing diploma (associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing)

Must be currently licensed/registered in applicable State. Must maintain an active Registered Nurse (RN) license in good standing throughout employment.

Core Requirements of Nurse Care Manager Project

This Nurse Care Manager will be employed by Northwest Integrated Health and will be placed in the Pierce County Jail.

Use a coordinated team approach with a nurse care manager capable of providing at least two FDA approved MAT medications (One agonist and one antagonist) to provide intensive services.

Use an integrated care model, involving at least two DATA-waivered physicians, in combination with and/or mid-level providers capable of increasing MAT client census.

Serve a minimum of ten new clients per month to increase and maintain MAT client census of an additional 100 from base during the contract.

Provide staff and program capable to handle injectable medication to implement extended release naltrexone therapy for persons with OUD interested in antagonist MAT therapy.

Nurse Care Managers are expected to attend and actively participate in DBHR identified or sponsored trainings and conference call meetings. Provider organizations agree to participate in training as needed.

Able to provide induction and stabilization services onto MAT for individuals aged 18 and older seeking services.

Hire a minimum of 1.0 FTE from award resources. FTE may be divided into multiple positions.

Projects should have the ability to provide low-barrier access.