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Laboratory Technician

Job description

Reports to Location
Lab Supervisor Varies in Pierce County
FSLA Schedule
Non-Exempt/Hourly Varies between the hours of 7a-7p
Will depend on experience

Brief Description:

The testing personnel are responsible for specimen processing, test performance and for reporting test results.

Job Duties:

Each individual performing high complexity testing must:

  • Follow the laboratorys procedures for specimen handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test results
  • Maintain records that demonstrate that proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient specimens
  • Adhere to the laboratorys quality control policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and maintenance performed
  • Follow the laboratorys established policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratorys established acceptable levels of performance
  • Be capable of identifying problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results and either must correct the problems or immediately notify the general supervisor, technical supervisor, clinical consultant, or director
  • Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratorys established performance specifications.Housekeeping daily and weekly to insure lab is clean and orderly.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Associate degree in a laboratory science, or medical laboratory technology from an accredited institution
  • At least 60 semester hours in chemistry, biology, or medical laboratory technology in any combination, or equivalent, from an accredited institution. Or have laboratory training that includes either of the following: Completion of a clinical laboratory training program approved or accredited by the ABHES, the CAHEA, or other organization approved by HHS.
  • At least 3 months documented laboratory training in each specialty in which the individual performs high complexity testing.
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Act professionally

Preferred Skills:

  • 2-3 years in a Laboratory Technician capacity
  • Flexibility in schedule